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Master List. Here's the linked, alphabetical list of all fanworks posted in the FKFicFest 2013 game. Please also try the community tags (LJ/DW) or the AO3 search function on our collection to help you find just the story you'll most enjoy!

The 2013 Table of Contents

Title Author Rating Words Type Main Characters Recipient
Bless the Child Teen 2,394 m/f Nick, Natalie, Janette, Daniel
By Light of Day Teen 4,192 gen Nick, Feliks, Natalie, Janette, Schanke Brightknightie
Closer to the Renaissance Teen 4,406 m/f Nick/Janette Batdina
From Chance to Choice Teen 2,961 gen Vachon, Urs, Screed GreerWatson
Knight on Duty Teen 7,713 gen Nick, Janette, Lacroix, Natalie Vorpalblades
Moment in Time, A General Illustration m/f Nick/Natalie
Moving Forward General 1,308 gen Lacroix, Janette, Nick WaltD
Never Saw this World Before General 2,220 gen Lacroix, Nick PJ1228
Shift General 4,038 gen Myra, Schanke, Natalie, Stonetree, Nick, Norma Deire
Six Episode Tags ... and an Epilogue Teen 1,816 gen Natalie, Janette Amilyn
Talking Points Teen 1,582 m/f Nick/Janette Leela
Tangled Mature 1,669 m/f Nick/Natalie Twilight2000
Time of Consequences, A Teen 4,082 gen Nick, Janette Skieswideopen

Three Cheers! The 2013 FKFicFest game is now officially closed. The fanworks have been exciting and innovative, and the players dedicated and inspiring! Please, a standing ovation for all our great writers, artists, beta-readers and audiences! Forever Knight fans are awesome people; I'm lucky to have them in my life.

Posting Elsewhere. You may now post the story/illustration that you created for this game elsewhere as well (for example, fkfic-l, your own blog, another archive). Where appropriate, please give FKFicFest a shout-out when you do.

Endless, Forever... Please continue reading and commenting on the fest stories! It's never too late for feedback! (Remember: You don't need an account to reply.) Please also keep writing, reading and replying to new FK fanfiction on fkfic-l (how to join), [ profile] fk_fanfiction, [community profile] last_writes and all the other communities that welcome FK fanfiction throughout the year!

When's the Next Game Here? For now, we're on hiatus. Whether 2014 will bring another round will depend on player interest and other circumstances. Stay tuned!

The After Party. Once you've read all the stories in this year's exchange, head on over to [community profile] fkcommentfic/[ profile] fkcommentfic for the 2013 FKFicFest "dead-dog party." (Is that news to you? Well, give me just a a few moments, and then come back here for the next — and last! — admin post of this game for all the details.)

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2017 Game Status

We'll play again in 2017! Sign-ups will be due by March 24, and stories by May 27.

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