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Thank you, everyone who answered the poll! From our 9 total responses:
  • Let's play again this year! Stories will be due on May 27, and start releasing May 29. Matches should go out by March 27, so sign-ups will be due by March 24, and will open by March 11.
  • Everyone (except me ~wry~) wants to play exchange-style. Let's do that, and not fuss with a minimum player count this year.
  • We'll expect recipients to acknowledge their authors with at least a 1-sentence comment no more than 1 month from posting. If a penalty is ever needed, it will be a 1-game ban (and your mod's disappointment).
More players usually mean happier matches! (As well as more total stories.) Please do promote this year's FKFicFest game far and wide yourself. You know people, communities, and platforms that I don't!

1. Should we play FKFicFest in 2017?
9 Yes, play in 2017

2. Would you *write* in FKFicFest 2017?
6 Definitely yes
2 Probably yes
1 No

3. Would you *read* in FKFicFest 2017?
9 Definitely yes

4. Should we play an *exchange* or a *challenge*?
7 I'd prefer an exchange, but don't mind a challenge
1 I'd prefer a challenge, but don't mind an exchange

5. When should stories be due in 2017? Pick up to 2.
1 April 29
3 May 6
1 May 20
2 June 3
5 June 10

6. We're going to focus on DW, and minimize LJ. Is that okay?

9 I'm okay with it

7. Sadly, we need to discourage recipients from ignoring their authors. What should count as the minimum acceptable acknowledgment?
2 A "Kudos" button click
6 A comment of at least 1 sentence in length
1 Something else

8. How long should exchange authors have to wait to be acknowledged?
5 2 weeks
3 4 weeks
1 Longer

9. If a recipient ignores his/her author beyond the period without a really good reason, what penalty should apply?

4 Ban for 1 game
3 Ban until s/he comments on the ignored story + 1 more (any) by the ignored author for each month of the ignoring
1 Ban until s/he comments on every story in that year's FKFicFest
1 Something else

Thank you so much for still sharing Forever Knight with us all!

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Date: 3/1/17 04:33 pm (UTC)
havocthecat: janette has just judged you (fk janette ducharme)
From: [personal profile] havocthecat
By the way, I do not know if you have a Facebook account or not, but FK discussion randomly popped up on one of my VtM gaming groups today!

Obviously, I knew you needed to know about it. :)

2017 Game Status

We'll play again in 2017! Sign-ups will be due by March 24, and stories by May 27.

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